A pinch of the studio sparkle?

Life is so Hollywood sometimes, like no kidding. Sure, I’d like my amends…maybe some background music would be great. Never mind what movie is perfect? Too romantic, too SciFi, too scary. Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate the fact that life is better than any movie. Just the right amount of drama, humor and yes, romance! Though I’d still like some more music .-. Nevertheless, my iPod will do for now. Personally, I think Bollywood is still more fun to live in, you know? The over-dramatizing, the crazy mothers and sneaky daughters and! and!…and! BACKGROUND MUSIC!!! At completely wrong times but like come on!
Anyway, coming to my point which I think I’ve forgotten courtesy of all this. Huh. But maybe this would make an amazing scene in a Bollywood movie, you know?
“Scene 1: girl; sitting in the bus; listening to music with headphones (no wonder I’m going on and on); typing some rubbish on her phone and she suddenly suffers from amnesia (Hahah that’s the song I’m listening to) and she forgets what she was supposed to be writing about…there we go! Then we could probably admit me in a super specialty hospital that my father can’t afford and “ab kya hoga” would start to play in the background while my mother shatters her bangles over me, clearly not considering the fact that I’m kinda sick. I guess?”
I should totally be a Bollywood producer.
Kay. Maybe not.
Other than that. You know how after the movie ends, this long credits page starts rolling and you just leave from the hall without caring who played what role? In the end its about the protagonist and the big and famous actor who played that one main role, just like life.

You’re the actor, the leader. The movie is about ‘you’. So you know what? Man up and do what you want to because ain’t nobody gonna stop you. You don’t have anything Or anyone to be afraid of, don’t let anyone intimidate you and don’t let yourself be looked down upon because in the end you gotta do whatever is best for you. If after all of this, you end up with a boring and miserable life because you listened to your parents or that teacher or those shitty people…then you deserve it.
Live your life like you’re making the greatest hit of all time.

So it’s up to you now, how much of the studio sparkle have you incorporated in your life?

…What’s your story?

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