Breaking Point

Is it just me? I think it is. Or maybe sometime in our life we reach a point where everything feels like it’s unreal, all the people you once trusted… Seem so fake and sometimes they haven’t done anything to deserve that title. So this has been happening with me and no. It wasn’t a gradual process. I was out yesterday,I heard some songs and spent some quality time with my music and dear old memories. Once I went back, I felt different, I’m not sure why or how but I did until my dad came to talk to me and I realized that unintentionally I was being very abrupt. It’s like I’d built a wall. In a matter of minutes I decided to shut people out and not care anymore. I decided that these people weren’t worth it. I decided that I have better things to do. I decided that I’d had enough. It’s not like these decisions where over time…. you just, shut down. It’s instinctive. It’s fast. It’s probably just easier to just shut the world out, well that’s what I think. Someone or the other is just always trying to bring you down and sometimes it’s you. You shut down. You reach your point of breaking and you just can’t anymore. And you’re left there on the bathroom floor just crying about everything in your life. The people who left, the pressure, the self hate and all that comes with. It’s like the world comes crashing down on you and you just fall with it. Nothing matters anymore, not your grades, not your family, not your friends or your health. It’s even more saddening to see that all this is ignored in school, this kind of sadness always goes unnoticed until some kid kills themselves and all it may have taken to save them was just be there for them instead of give consolation to their decaying corpse

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