Who I want to be…

So my friend posted a whole lot of videos yesterday because she met a Bollywood actress and I mean, you could hear people scream and shout at her pretty face and amazing ideals but honestly she’s human too isn’t it? Just like you and me? Yet she’s an idol, a face, a statement and a goddess for so many. Somebody wants to be like their parents, some like their brother, some want to be like that footballer while some just wanna be like that popular girl at school.
My idol is no one in particular, it’s a mix. I want to be hardworking like my mother, strong like my father and I mean emotionally as well as physically, smart like my brother, disciplined like my cousin sister, caring like that shy girl at school, creative like that boy in my art class, a shining light in dark times, a leader when needed and friend when required. I want to be be like that woman who fell from her bike today morning and yet got up without flinching, like those kids without a care in the world, dedicated like the president of the MUN club at school, have the will like my grandfather did, a fabulous orator like my grandmother is but most of all, I want to be a good person at heart; I don’t think actions define a person, I mean just because a guy has been with many girls doesn’t mean he’s a player or whatever. It’s the heart that matters, the thought that counts and I think it depends a lot on how you define a good person. And my definition is usually pretty different from the rest of the people I know. So I guess as long as I’m content with who I am, nothing or no one more else matters.
But then is wanting to be so enough? Not really.
You got to get up and do shit for who you want to be and the change you want to see.

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  1. williamstarns says:

    Well said.

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