So a friend of mine, a very very dear friend, wrote this piece that he doesn’t believe is good but I don’t know why I genuinely love it. It’s straight from his heart which let me tell you is very pure. He is smart, caring, hilarious and stupid at times and tries to hard to be a jerk! But never mind, He is very creative and I can’t think of any combination of these 26 English alphabets to describe how amazing he is.

Each day every night just goes by,
With me waiting for just a “hi.”
I know I’m never gonna get one,
But trying for it is no harm,
Don’t I deserve any love,
Not even some ?
Everyday just passes by,
with me standing in a line ,
I don’t know why but,
It feels like I’m running  out of time.
There is no fear,
Now that nothing is left here.
Just this calmness,
That just aims to make this fairness.
Between you and me,
Of this ignite of conversations.
That we have all night,
No matter how long it goes,
it just doesn’t feel right.
Choosing words after judging the cons and the pros.
And that feeling that your future with me just isn’t that bright.
But i hang on to that single string of hope,
Trying my best to reach the top.
And one day I make that string of hope into a rope.
Making my grip stronger and my love for you deeper.
But Even after reaching  the top I stop
I just ready myself and try to get a bit neater,
It just isn’t working out even after being this close.
I think my love for you needs to just be a bit more deeper .
– Me ij snehil maybe

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