We all have cravings, some for sweets and some for sleep. Well my craving is just slightly different. Today, I’m craving to talk to him. Everyday I decide, “Hey! Today I’ll speak to him” but then when he comes in front of me? Words fail me and I’m left speechless again and while going home I think of all those opportunities that I could’ve spoken to him but didn’t. He seems okay, fine, happy without me. I’m happy for him. Really am. But I just sometimes wish things weren’t the way they are, you know? The last four months have been nothing but, talk… Fight… Talk…fight… Talk… Fight.  I’m the jealous kind but I do understand and it isn’t that bad, not like I burn his clothes every time he talks to those pretty girls. But whatever I guess? Cravings pass right? They go away. So I’ll just keep my fingers crossed for now.
Until later
Much love ❤

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