Not as easy as it looks.

I always had an impression that anchoring was easy, I mean how hard is it to talk on stage? But now that I’m a part of it, I realize that there is so much planning that goes into it and the amount of hurdles are never ending. My co-anchor lost the scrip today and yes I take full responsibility of the fact that it was my fault we didn’t have a soft copy, with the event approaching in a few days…this is a major setback. I spend the last hour screaming and people and running about the school. Not well handled eh?
But I do take a lesson from it. First of which is that nothing is as easy as it looks. Criticism is easy to provide but to be on the other side of the table? It takes bravery and guts. Admittedly enough I have criticized a lot of people and told them their job was so easy that a kid could do it. But I see now that everything requires some kind of expertise, be a laborer, a gardener or a speaker. Nothing is easy.  Second of all, I’ve learnt to not depend on people. Like they say, expectations lead to disappointments. You gotta know how to handle your own shit. Nobody’s gonna clean it for you.

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