As the year comes to an end…

My recent thoughts consist mainly of trying to make some vital decisions. Ones which may make me or break me. Honestly speaking, today was a blur, I don’t know what was on my mind or what consumed me, I don’t remember what people said to me or what happened. We all have these days but then seriously, I say that everyday. Now that it’s vacation time, I feel like I’ve lost the will to do stuff. The energy is gone and its replaced by a lazier version of me that sits around doing nothing all day and I feel like I’m wasting my life. That is a very crappy feeling. There is so much to do! So much to see! So much to know! And I’m letting it go for momentary pleasure. So I’m going to stand up and do what I must and what I want to. Giving a fuck just isn’t my thing anymore. Life is too short to give a shit about formalities and manners.
Like they say “well behaved girls hardly ever make history”

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