The sweetest thing anyone ever did for me…

So this amazing sweetheart wrote this for me, I’m going to name her because this kind of poetry deserves appreciation. Aishwarya, she’s the prettiest, the best and the sweetest person know. Someone actually capable of handling me when I get all crazy with my moods. This is a beautiful piece of poetry and I wish I could show you all how lovely she is through my blog but this is the most I can do. Thank you so much. I couldn’t be happier about the fact that I met her and I know I can’t put it in such a beautiful manner as she has but she means so much to me.

To the strongest woman I know,
I wrote to you a terrible bit of poetry
laced with questions
and a hint of disgrace
It all begins here, the word vomit.
I sit down and wonder
Honestly how do you do it?

How do you manage to keep up?
How can you survive this,
Cruel heartless world with such grace
with that iridescent smile
across your stunning face?
How do you stay so captivating?
Your existence, its breath taking.
I cannot seem to find a single reason
For someone as amazing as you
to deserve all this pain
Again and again and again
as you stand up tall, you are pushed
down by the hands of this cruel labyrinth
So adorably named ‘life’.
You deserve every hug,
Every single strand of love
That manages to wrap itself
Around your body
Your body so fragile
And your mind, agile
Sharp, quick and mature;
Not only staying up strong for yourself
But for all the petty somebodies
You manage to stay sensible
Irrevocable, Irreplaceable,
knowing all the flaws,
The flaws of this corrupt system,
So adorably named ‘life’.
You, you have managed to take my breath away
With your ways and your words, so wise
Every sentence you speak with such precise
Meanings; that are far too advanced
To escape the delicate curve of
The lips of a girl
who’s only fourteen
A girl who is far wiser
Than what she seems
A girl who has seen pain
Right at her face
A girl who knew the ways of this world
Much before the world knew of her
A girl who managed to slip out of
Every loophole this maze
designed to destroy us all in the most horrible ways;
So adorably named ‘life’.
To you, for managing to keep up
With every change
Every shift of every grain
You worked so hard to put together
To you, for you to understand
how grateful some of us are
Knowing you’re there for when they need you
To you, your selfless demeanor
Your calm and collected persona
Makes the rest of us just want to
Lean against you
To you, for your existence
For it is the most pure, most near perfect
Ever seen by this tired, aging earth
To you, for being you
You are more than you will ever understand
To me, to many more, you are the one
The only one we are sure of
The only one we fully, positively trust.
To you, To you this life
Bows down and apologizes
For it knows its been to hard on you
this life promises many fickle promises,
but it wants to test you
its pushing you too hard because
its a cold heartless bitch,
So adorably named ‘life’.
To the strongest woman i know,
Your constancy is immaculate
I want you to stay this way
no matter what wrecking ball comes and
crashes your brick wall
I want you to know
through every fissure, every crack
I have always got your back
My admiration is a little
hard to express
i cant even write good poetry for you
words cant fall into place correctly enough
to describe you accurately
I just, need to let you know
I will never let you go
Because this love we have

Is hard to find
And this love we share
Is one of a kind.
I love you. Stay strong baby.
Your single-most biggest fan

I love you so much. Thank you.

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