It’s a small world.

It’s almost new years and yes, like everyone else I don’t know where this year went but the past is the past and I don’t wish to give thought to it anymore. Let’s talk about 2015 for a while? So what comes to my mind when I think of 2015? Dreams? Hopes? Resolutions? No. Not really.
I think of studies, of growing up, of more fights, more drama, more guys, some tears and a lot of good laughs. Every time I think of it, it hits me that I’m about to be 15 years old and I can’t seem to accept that. Not yet.
I look forward to a new me, I’m certain a lot of people won’t like what I have planned but that’s one of the things 2014 taught me, I don’t really give a fuck. So, here’s to many more tomorrows, good writing, mind boggling challenges and heartbreaks. Here’s to the strength of facing it all. Here’s to the future, but most of all, here’s to me.
I hope you’ll make the next year and the one’s after as good as I’ll make mine.

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