Boxed In Days

This is a beautiful piece of work ❤


The edges were closing in on me,
Cardboard walls around my head.
Shades of brown were all I could see,
Fit in a coffin like I was dead.

Too young to live but too rare to die,
Through the dark my vision blurred.
Fish swam across my mind’s eye,
Scales painting the walls of my world.

Lungs gulping fragments of light,
Faint glimmers sunk down my throat.
Dripping down in the murky night,
From my box I built a cardboard boat.

The tides beat against my weary ship,
Each wave tore it a little more.
The pushes and pulls made it tip,
And I washed up on a barren shore.

The lions came to drink from my veins,
Each sweet sip cut deeper down.
I become a thin corpse fully drained,
Into the river I was thrown to drown.

Floating in the milky depths, I drank,
Filling up with unearthly…

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