It’s over. Come back.

It’s over, come back honey. The people you care about won’t always reciprocate. You have your whole life ahead of you darlin’. Back to square one, oh baby! I know how you feel. It’s another few years and this will all blow over and you can start a new life elsewhere, like you always wanted. Walk away and don’t ever look back. No more hassling people with daily depression. The world is far too bright a place to be sitting in your dark corner. No more trusting people. Trust doesn’t exist. It’s time to bring the walls back up, love. You know better than anyone… It was all a lie. Don’t give them the privilege of seeing you crack. It’s what they crave. It’s hard work from here on after. Preach what you teach to those troubled souls. It isn’t too late, you know best. Bring back that zeal. Bring back the you that hides beneath those scars because baby you are beautiful and don’t let anyone tell you differently. It’s time. There’s no turning back now. Let your attitude flow, stop caring, thicken that eyeliner and wipe away the tears.
It’s over. Come back.

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