Irresistible charm and fancy bracelets…

After years of begging and pleading, I’ve finally managed to convince my parents to let me get streaks in my hair, unlike the royal blue that my friends prefer, my father strangely insists that I get them dyed red. How great it is to feel good about yourself isn’t it? To know that when you’re standing there, no force can stop you (I mean that metaphorically, let’s not get too dreamy shall we?) To feel unstoppable and confident, to feel beautifully content with who you are and to be honest, I’ve realized that your outlook makes so much of a difference to that. It’s not about being pretty or hot or any of that stuff. It’s just that when you make a change to your physical appearance, it boosts something in your inner self too. I’m yet to figure out the depths of this.
Until later

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