Dear replacement,

First of all, don’t mind me calling you that because I “supposedly” hate you and yes, I have a wide grin on my face as I say that. I take it that you are madly, crazily, undeniably and hopelessly in love with him and if you aren’t, then please just don’t use or hurt him. I’m not here to tell you about him and me or to make you insecure about anything, because well, that’s happened before. However, there are certain things that I must ask of you and I hope you’ll respect them wholeheartedly.
He’s sensitive, he doesn’t show it but he is. So keep your ego aside and check on him from time to time and believe me, you’re probably gonna be one of the only people he actually shares anything with. So please don’t ever break his trust because he won’t break yours. He will lay everything in front of you as it is so long as it’s something that won’t hurt you.
He’s faced a lot of rejection, truly, he’s developed a fear of it. Go easy on him and under no circumstances leave him hanging. Unless you’re trying to play hard to get, which isn’t a bad idea, he’s one to play along. He isn’t a toy, so make sure you never make him feel like one. He has a tendency of undermining his value, make sure you remind him how much he means to you and how special he is and please don’t compare him to his brother, I doubt there’s anything that’ll make him feel worse.
You have to, and I mean it “HAVE” to ensure that he studies. He will give up three hours before the exam and he will tell you he’s done. Keep him motivated, tell him that he’s never backed down and so he won’t this time either. Stay up with him all night if you have to but he needs to study. He has a fear of failing in life, compliment even the littlest of his achievements and stand by him through them. I promise, if not him, then I’ll love you for doing so.
Let me get something straight, you simply can’t expect him to text you back if he’s with his friends, don’t expect him to leave football for you either, If he truly loves you then he might just consider it, but it will kill him to do that, so just don’t because you’re crazy if you expect him to let go of the one thing that he’s this passionate about. He has a few weird friends who might text you and ask you about “how good a kisser he is” or something like that, don’t get creeped out. It’s normal, they’ll try their best not to make you uncomfortable.
He is very proud of his jersey. If you can watch his matches, trust me he’ll appreciate that a lot. And well, He gets really upset if their team loses *duh*, so make sure you’re there to make him feel better.
He doesn’t prefer to do all the work (if you know what I mean) So reciprocate. Erotics turn him on like crazy, even the relatively dry ones and he’ll want you to read them out to him. Be prepared for that. You’ll have to read it a couple of times. He’ll want to know what you think of him, how you feel about him all, be open about it because so will he.
He loves to be taken care of, try it, it’ll make you feel wonderful too. Hear his stories with a keen interest because he will make sure they are worth your while. He’s going to be protective and not allow you to drink or whatever, bear with it. It’s only because he cares, a lot more than you think he does.
If he’s pissed at you, he won’t reply for a few days and all, let him be. Let him regain himself. He just needs space. Don’t get worried and annoy him and text him like the world will come crashing down if he doesn’t reply. I assure you that he will, if not sooner then later.
He’s a music lover, go for concerts with him. He loves hardwell and has most podcasts in his phone, he’ll hand you his phone without thinking twice so don’t worry, he won’t hide anything from you. He likes songs ranging from “a thousand years” to “she will be loved” to “don’t you worry child” Talk about diversity.
Lastly, he deserves to be loved. And so I trust you with treating him like a king because he’ll treat you like his queen.
The girl who wishes you both all the happiness in the world.

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