A mere theory…

So my ex best friend, she’s re-entered my life and to be honest, it’s just made me realize how happy I was with her gone. I finally started accomplishing things that I wanted to, doing things and not wasting time on her useless drama. She’s one of those people who haven’t achieved anything in life and yet think of themselves to be better than anybody on this planet. My priorities have had a major shift and I couldn’t be more glad about it.
I’ve learnt that you reach this point while growing up when you finally see things as they are, you recognize the negative energy, the drama and it’s creators and all of that and them you reach a point where you’re finally mature enough to push all that away from yourself. And I think I’ve finally reached that point.

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  1. kezysblog says:

    I had one of those friends! 🙂

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    1. William Starns says:

      Everyone does 🙂 but they eventually leave.

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