To the constant people of my life…

Family makes a great difference to how one thinks, lives, evolves and what not. I want to take a moment to thank my family for everything I am today.
My mom and dad, for working so hard to afford my silly pleasures, for showing me what true love looks like, showing my the importance of discipline, for always being there for me no matter what the circumstances, for teaching me that no problem is the end of the world if we just focus on our goal and for all the exposure I’ve received that sets me apart from the people I know.
My brother, because he’s the one person who cares about me more than anyone else on this planet. He’s played all sorts of roles in my life and has taught me so much. He’s going to college and I don’t even know what I’ll do without him around, he’s taught me to get my priorities right, that there are bigger problems in the world, that there is so much to see and explore that our petty problems are nothing in front of it.
My grandmother, though we argue a lot, I can’t imagine life without grandma. She has always taken such good care of me, taught me, fed me, raised me. She’s been there at each step in my life. Her love is truly unconditional.
My grandfather ,though no longer with us, taught me the value of persistence and how to take everything with a smile no matter how painful. He suffered a lot in him life but no once did you see him complain, it’s astonishing really.
These people have shaped my life and many others. No combination of 26 alphabets seems to be enough to even begin describing my love for them.

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