Fading butterflies?

So, like everyday from here on after I’m back to facing him and yeah, making the conscious effort of not making my feelings obvious. But when I saw him after this long, it didn’t have the same effect as before, if this were me, a month ago, I’d have this pang of fear, excitement, love and nostalgia and look for all reasons to cross him and sometimes something in me would die and this weird grin even though we don’t talk.
But the me now? She doesn’t get that pang anymore, or feel weird. When I cross him now? All I see is a stranger I share some memories with. Nothing less, nothing more. It motivates me to be happier and it instantly cheers me up. A strange attitude thing. And so I could only conclude to one thing, the butterflies are dying and with that my love for him is inside somewhere and I’m glad.
I feel great! I feel good. Its like nothing he does can affect me anymore (well, to some extent but it’s negligible) and I want to surround myself with positivity and not people being negative and crying. I’m bold. I’m strong. I’m loud and the spark is back.
This is my revenge.

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