Give it a thought…

Ugh. So I’m having this writers block of sorts. I mean I’m not entirely sure if that’s what it is because I want to write but I just seem to not have the will to. Strange.
It’s been a pretty boring day, other than the million useless selfies I clicked. It’s in my blood…*clears throat* I’ve been thinking about how fucked up our education system is. I mean the teachers only care about completing the syllabus and not in any actual knowledge, all we have is basic subjects and nothing as far as life training is concerned. Students are segregated on the basis of their marks and basically their cramming capabilities. The difference between a topper and a smart kid is never really given two shits about. If a student so much as forgets to bring their own water, the teachers lose it, absolutely ignoring the fact that their is a dispenser in the school for a reason. And this is just a minor example. I love my School and I love being there and I simply adore my teachers but on a more generalized notion, if this goes on, we’re potentially fucking up the future of this world.

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