Right in them feels…

So my best friend just sent this to me, it’s out of the blue. Yes. But it’s the sweetest thing I’ve read about myself. I love her so much.
Hey. Fun fact. You have the prettiest eyes and smile I have ever seen. The way your eyes lighten up when you smile is breathtaking. If I was given the chance, I would just sit there and stare into them, observing the beautiful innocence, heartbreaking scars and undying courage and love that lies in them. Your smile, the relief it provides me with. If you’re happy, I’m happy. Even when sleep-deprived, dehydrated, starved and heartbroken, you look like an angel. Simply because you are one. You’re the best friend. And that itself is an understatement. I could have travelled the world but not have found anyone that can remotely compare to you. What you did for me today was something no one would never do in a million years and the thing is, i didn’t even ask for it. And that’s the kind of person you are, helping, gorgeous, wise, strong and beautiful. True traits of royalty. I  love you. And I promise that no one will ever love you as much as I do. Not even a guy. I also promise to stay here for you for ever. Don’t ever, ever let go of that smile, of yourself. And I assure you I will bring you back if you ever do. You’re special. You’re unique. A perfect combination of everything a girl can ever be. Never ever change yourself. For anyone. Not even guys. Because you’re perfection redefined.

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