An excerpt from a book I’ll never publish…

Sitting on the bathroom floor, she reeks of alcohol and smoke. She thinks of the days when all was well and good. The lights flicker reflecting, her hope. The bright red walls now match the colour of her wrists. Her phone, ringing, louder and louder, but all she hears, is ignorance and pity. The numbness surrounds her with such great force, she is unable to break the barrier like the many times she has before. Struggling to her feet, she trips and treads, the alcohol not allowing her to walk or think; clinging to the wall like a dangling thread. Staring into the blurry mirror, she sees another person. One with patchy skin and dark circles, one with swollen eyes and bruises far from the cheerful, bright eyed girl dancing with a silly grin a few hours ago. With her mascara, her mask came falling down.
Wet, droopy eyes and shaky hands, dialing the number she was so well versed with. It rang, once, twice, thrice *the number you are trying to reach is not respondi..* Cut. Her tears streaming down faster than before as she struggles to scream, but no voice escapes her crooked throat. That’s when she hit redial. All the promises to walk away and never look back were forgotten as the phone rang in it’s usual old tone. Sure of not receiving a reaction, her sobs become louder. “Hello?” He said. As if completely unsure of who was at the other end. “Hey” she whispered, barely audible. “What happened?” He asked, as she thought to herself “don’t act like you don’t know, don’t act like you never broke my heart into a million little pieces, don’t ask me what happened when you can have the audacity to forget we ever did” but her tongue failed to make those words, her eyes shut tight, absorbing his voice, aware of the fact that, that voice was to never be directed towards her again. And that the comfort of those arms, was going to be nothing but a painful memory. The silence grew louder, crawling under her skin and digging into her bones. Reality had just slapped her really hard…

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