Dear mom and dad,

I know I’m of the age where you think you should initiate “the talk” but, before you do, save us both the awkwardness and embarrassment. Let me just tell you, it’s not a new for a kid my age to know what sex is. Okay? My friends and I crack sex jokes all the time. No biggie. I am so grateful to the two of you for showing me what perfect relationships look like.
Now I know you read my blog, and your first reaction is probably “is my daughter depressed?”, “Who the fuck is this ‘him’?” Well, for starters she isn’t. She’s just grown up which is a fact you can’t accept. Huh.  Secondly, “him” is just someone I used to know, don’t freak out and go all why-is-there-a-guy-you’re-just-fourteen. I know who to trust and who not to trust, chances are I’m miserably wrong but you gotta let me learn my own lessons.
Sometimes. I just don’t need people around, you know like the way with you oldies? Some privacy, some time to think? Yeah that stuff. I know I know, I’ve done some stupid stuff that I shouldn’t have, I was curious is all. I’m not a baby anymore!
Hmm let’s see what else? Yeah! Listen. It would be great if we could like arrange a hot chocolate fudge for me every night. Yeah, thanks.
I love you guys so much. Like I can’t even think of a world without you two lovely and beautiful people in it.
You have only one daughter

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