Inside my head on 21st January…

I woke up this morning with absolutely zero motivation to go to school. Not very surprising. Instincts said today was going to be horrible but the heart said, she’s your best friend, don’t leave her alone in school. And I managed to fall out of bed in hopes of not having to do much or even open my eyes for that matter. 
I boarded my bus, certain that I was going to have an amazing day, however, within about 15 minutes… I was in tears. I could feel all his tender kisses and all the sweet nothings. His favorite song echoed in my ears making me breathless and uncomfortable.
Then began the same old school routine, every minute, making me more restless and every second ,making me want to cover my ears with my hands and scream. To top it all off I got my period. *cough* Sue me.
Pain. Something I’ve become quite acquainted with thanks to his indifference, was now becoming more than unbearable.
My best friend took on the role of a mother when she started doing my math assignment that I had clearly lost the will to complete. She dictated every word with precision while I spent my time trying to comprehend the meaning of words and control my tears.
It’s been a strange day and I have an exam that’s not been prepared for.
Until later

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