Observations of a gentleman…

Red hair and strange tattoos. A girl unlike any you’d met before. Long sleeves and skinny jeans, dark mind and a pretty face. One look at her and you knew, you knew that she was scared; of what? She’d never mention but her eyes told you all that you needed to know. They spoke of sorrows and insecurities, lies and heartbreak. Beautifully masked with her evergreen smile, not a care in the world.
You see, she had the realization of something that most of us didn’t. She realized that we were all nothing but millions of cells joint to make one. She realized that nobody could stop her from doing what she wanted. She realized the fact that what happens now, won’t matter in another year, that those who matter now eventually won’t. Most of us forget this. So tangled in our worries, we fail to look beyond.
Books of all shapes and sizes, adorned with the brightness of the blue lights that fell from the ceiling. The walls, covered in quotations that spoke of what lay inside. A mess of a world inside a cluttered mind. How could one ignore a beauty of such kind? A beauty, not just skin deep but beyond itself.

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