She says she doesn’t love him…

She says she doesn’t love him anymore but at the end of the day I’ll always have a message from her that says…

Because I love him beyond words. And I love him more than I love myself. And maybe he could just come over and sleep with me this very moment and just maybe we could cuddle and kiss and hold each other for the night just maybe I could be in his embrace again and just maybe he ll fall in love with me again. Just maybe he ll decide to not move out. And maybe he ll make all my dreams come true and we ll move to US together and we ll kiss on the very top of the Eiffel tower where he ll propose to me during the week-long trip to pars where we ll also have sex and get married in the US and also in India because our parents..and then when we get married we ll live in this huge house with a hundred rooms in it and one of those rooms will be for him and me. Only for him and me. We ll have sex every weekend because we ll be busy working other days. He ll the author of the years and I’ll be the psychologist and the mother to all our children even the adopted ones. We ll live together, he ll play the piano and I’ll dance to it. I’ll sing for him. And We ll be perfect.

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  1. thedeviantdaydreamer says:

    And you posted it..! Will have to think a million times before writing anything to you now.. :/


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