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So this is a post I made about 8 months ago on my ask ID because i never had a blog. Now that I do…

I’ve seen a lot of people ,best friends, fight on petty little reasons and not talk for months, I’ve heard them back bitch about their best friends ,I’ve been asked to keep secrets from their best friends, I’ve even heard them back bitch about their boyfriends and girlfriends, their love? I’ve seen people promise to stay and I’ve seen them leave for reasons you won’t believe! People who get offended because of celebrities that don’t matter and fighting over them….please go fuck yourselves (no offence to anyone in particular) but most of all, I don’t understand how people can fake such sweet nothings! How can you back bitch about your best friend immediately after you fight? If you hated her/him , say it to their damn face!
Do you have any idea how it feels to be in the shoes of the other person? Any sense of empathy? Because no. You don’t! And you judge people based on their looks, their scars and the level of how much they can kiss your ass!
Most of us don’t know what others go through on daily basis, I don’t either and I admit I’ve cried and cribbed about my life to many a people. I really hope that most of you reading this aren’t the kind of people who give up on their friends or best friends over a petty argument and on top of that black-mail and publicize, because yes. I have seen those very friends and best friends cry their hearts out, I have seen those very people harm themselves over people who don’t care, I’ve seen them lie to their parents about scars ,I’ve seen them hide those depressing pictures and most of all I have seen them kill themselves over it.
Please be there for people who openly tell you they need you, or else please back off if you don’t feel the same. Because it really hurts when it happens to you.

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  1. ❤ love this post !


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