The difference…

His arms provided her with the comfort she needed as she thought to herself,” in ten years from now, when my life will have changed completely, will I ever sit and think about him? ” as of that time,” yes” seemed like the most appropriate answer. I guess you never really get over first love. You’re always attached to them somewhere. You compare everyone you meet, with them. Moving on and letting go, are two very different things.

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  1. alfredsalmanac says:

    Time makes us forget eveything. Trust me, time has a way of wiping memories out.

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    1. Does it? Because I sure do hope it does. I feel the memories becoming a blur but it’s unimaginable to believe that there will come a day that I’ll forget him.

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      1. alfredsalmanac says:

        Yes, it will. in time you won’t even remember what he looks like. Other things will happen and become more important in your life. Of course, its easy for me to say as I am older and I have lived through it. I know its not so easy when you are going through, like yourself. But time will eradicate the feelings.


      2. Well, you’re probably right. As of now what seems impossible is probably a dead set future. But then again, it doesn’t change the feelings of right now. Thank you. I appreciate the gesture.

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      3. alfredsalmanac says:

        I understand.

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