The other side…

She looked happy for a change. Her eyes spoke of joy and love. Circumstances hadn’t changed her much, mysterious and dark, outspoken and yet so quiet. The perfect irony. His heart skipped a beat when he saw her. Sure they weren’t together and he tried his best to show he didn’t care, it was clear to all that he hadn’t forgotten much. You could tell by the way he tried to look away every time she was around and his eyes looked at the ground like that’s where they belonged, a glance here, a look there; that’s what they thrived on.
Consumed by his confusion, he knew he had hurt her, for someone who knew her so well, he could see her cracks too clearly even behind that deceiving smile. He knew she was too good for him, he’d been warned not to hurt her and he knew what was best for them; or so he thought. And so he let her go, left her and ignored her till she could take it no more. Every time she called, his heart let out screams but his mind had decided, they weren’t to be. Pretended not to care till she had no choice but to let him go.
He seemed so sure of what he was doing. But inside, he died a little every time he saw her.

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