Prostitute? Human.

Her wrists bled from the tight ropes that dug into her skin making every inch of her cry out in agony and pain. Her hair fell over her face, hiding bruises behind that unrecognizable beauty. If you looked at her, you couldn’t in a million years imagine the girl who played on her daddy’s shoulders and told her mommy she was hungry. Her body was frail and weak, her swollen eyes and bleeding nose made it clear, she was nothing but a sex toy, to be used and thrown. But all toys belong to someone, so whose was she? That guy with the green eyes? Or that muscular man with a deep scar near his right temple? Or the one with a strange moustache and scary eye patch?
Tears streamed down her face and her mind went back to times when less was the need to surrender to these cold blooded animals, cruelty ran in their blood. Their stern faces looked down upon her, speaking not of sympathy or empathy of any kind, but of want, desire, hunger and lust. They saw not a fellow human, a woman; but a puppet on their finger tips.
Feeding on cold pieces of meat, salvaging all she could from leftovers; she’d lost her appetite and a lot of weight. Tranquility was an improbable future. As a ripple of dismay appeared on her contused face, she lost her ability to confabulate. Shipped from place to place and man to men. She had accepted her dreaded fate.

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  1. poetrybyimpulse says:

    for some bizarre reason – we wrote about a similar theme tonight! of all the subjects! ha. 😛

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    1. Hahah its pretty strange xD

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