Monday morning blues.

Since Monday morning has waltzed into my life once again, I wonder where my Sunday went? You won’t be in school today. You have your finals approaching. As I try hard to dismiss the craving of telling you I miss you, I’m forced to sit back and study the areas of quadrilaterals. The nightmares are back and I wake up at four am, wishing your arms were there to console me. And again. I could feel your arms around me when you were no where close. I could feel the warmth of your lips on my cold and dry face. My stomach gave in and the physical pain consumed me. I felt the bile rise in my throat as I struggled to maintain my smile. The wrath of your coldness, aimed at me like gunshots, and my want, on an uphill slope. I was a vortex of emotions as tidal wave of weakness overtook me. And so at four in the morning, I ended up on the terrace of my house with a warm cup of milk and the register where I write, well, everything. My mental peace just had to be restored because somebody had to show she was okay and keep everyone happy throughout the day.
Until later x

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