Subtle nightmare…

As I squirm and wriggle in bed, I realize I’d had a dreamless sleep and I think I knew why. I turn over only to see his beautiful face so innocently wrapped between the bed sheet. Childish and vulnerable. A gasp escapes from between my sore lips and his eyes blink open ever so slightly before they fall back into deep sleep. Not wanting to wake him from a sound sleep, I try to shuffle out of bed as quietly as I can.
The minute my numb and tired feet touch the cold marble flooring of his bedroom, I hear the voice that’s been the reason behind a million smiles on my face. “Where do you think you’re going?” He says, in his sleepy and deep voice that never fails to sense the instant blush on my face. “You have an exam, you kn…” And words fail me as I’m face to face with the man I love. He takes me by my chin and kisses me as I taste morning breath, traces of smoke from the cigarettes we smoked yesterday and a hint of me *blush* It was like a thunderstorm of passion in the very morning.  Leaving trails of kisses near my neck and ears, he parts always from my skin, leaving behind his lingering scent. My eyes remain shut, absorbing every inch of his presence.
He pulls be back into his warm bed and embraces me in a cocoon around my soft and fragile body. I hear our breaths in sync in the loud silence. His existence overwhelms me beyond my own comprehension. And just like that, promptly, at four in the morning, when everyone was sound asleep and the birds lay quiet and still in their nests, I could not have felt more loved.

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