Change in the winds…


So I put on my most comfortable top and shorts. Why? Because I felt like dancing. Because I felt great. Because I realized that I’m never letting people tell me who I am and what my limits are. I was beautiful before he entered my life, and I’m ever better since he’s left. I don’t know why or how but I’m more confident about my body than ever. No I’m not a size zero and I won’t ever be, know why? Because I don’t feel the need to please shitholes of this world, because I can embrace my curves and carry them better than any girl who prides about her thigh gap. No I’m not the best dancer or drummer in the world but I will do it because I love it. No, I don’t care if anyone hates me. Know why? Because I’m fly as fuck, I’m a limitless, I’m infinite, I’m a confident and independent woman, I’m intimidating, talented, smart and most of all… I’m beautiful. Period.

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  1. Great , may be that asshole just had put limitation for you to be yourself. i always say this to my friends that love yourself more than anyone would. don’t let anyone say you ain’t beautiful

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    1. :’) exactly. I wouldn’t call it limitation but he definitely changed me. I think loving oneself is like the most beautiful feeling, to just know you’re better and to know your worth.

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      1. Yes. Self-love is the fuel that drives personal change
        I just love the way you described everything here

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      2. Thank you. I appreciate that.

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      3. Keep wrting keep sharing . you might have realized that there are so many parts of urself that u’ve denied.. may be your passion , your aim , so on and so forth being with such person


      4. Maybe. I sometimes feel as though i completely denied my feelings, what was right and i just got so caught up in him.

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      5. Congrats now that u r out of it .. Feel like a bird .. Keep flying freely

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