Why I hate my math teacher

So yesterday, I was in my math class and I don’t think I have been more angry at one point of time ever, than I was at that time. First of all, she has the voice like a squirrel’s, only amplified a hundred times.  Secondly, she bangs the duster on the desk to try and get out attention, thank you ma’am, like your voice didn’t damage our ears enough already. Thirdly, she’s rude to students, she doesn’t realize how much children may be going through at home and that school is their escape. But no. Let’s just make all dimensions of their lives miserable huh? Fourth of all, her teaching manner is beyond me. It’s hard to understand what she’s saying with all the screaming in between. Fifth of all, and I say this after many encounters with her, I don’t like her as a human being either.
She pissed me off to a point where it discouraged me from doing any math work in class at all. Also, it made me believe that I could pick up that fifteen kg desk and throw it at her. Needless to say, I genuinely felt like. I’m hoping she doesn’t teach me math next year because I really need to understand it, next year is more important than this one and I am not giving it up for a woman who can’t teach me math. 

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