To a now, nonexistent you…

As I write this, I am fully aware of the painful fact that this, is to a part of you that doesn’t exist anymore. The part that I fell in love with.
The person who, no matter what I said, could never hate me, the person who defended me even when I was wrong. The person who dealt with my stupidity because with him, my need to be sophisticated and contained vanished into thin air. The person who held me and embraced me like I was his responsibility. The person who made me see the world just a little differently. The person behind my happiness, who not just once, but countless times taught me to fall in love with myself. The person who was strong not just for himself, but also for me. Someone who had the power to make a rainy day, a bright and sunny one, in a matter of seconds. Someone who’s voice was a sweeter melody than my favorite song and whose arms gave me more comfort than the walls of my own home.
Someone who I wish, still existed. Someone who claimed he loved me.
But as I look at the same face, with each passing day, I see a different person. I see a stranger that I don’t know half as well, but I’d take back, in a heartbeat.
Where have you been? I miss you.

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