What I think of social norms…

So like recently, I’ve just been attached to three people and the rest are almost non existent for me. I’ve been getting a lot of negative vibes from people for silly reasons, but I guess that’s just it, isn’t it? You  are close to three maybe four people and the rest almost seem like obstacles. My sentiment radar is negligible and my “give a fuck” function has disappeared. I realized how often we say, “people say…”, “people judge…”, “people suck…” But then we don’t realize, that “we” are people. We make up of the society. Intentionally or unintentionally, the rules we condemn are nothing but our own handiwork.
You could always say, that it doesn’t matter and all this is just some crap and we’re so small in this universe. Honestly, I couldn’t agree more with that but then, we aren’t aware of the whole universe and we live in such a fake reality, that we might as well embrace it. Social norms; at least reasonable ones, manners, common courtesy , chivalry and yes, the ways and works of this world. I don’t mean that shouldn’t fight them or not be rebellious at all, but then we shouldn’t ignore them entirely either.

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    Being Rebellion is not piercing ur body parts against ur parents wish but believing and doing the right things which you believe in even when nobody else did .
    Here is nice article which says we make up the society and we are bound to certain norms which we cannot completely ignore


    1. Thank you. I appreciate this 🙂

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