Looking back to untouchable times…

Just as the rain provided to the yearning, arid soil,filling the empty spaces between them. The smoke of the cigarette she inhaled, filled the vacancy that lay inside her. Staring into the moonlit sky, she knew there would be no limits this night. A life on the road, it couldn’t get any better and neither much worse. All it took was a simple message, a “Hey, I miss you”, and her world came crashing down to a point of one option: to walk away and be free.
Her path was decided, she couldn’t stick around longer. So she picked up her bag, and walked along the road less traveled. Leading to new miseries or joys she didn’t know what she was walking into, but her fear of the unknown was nothing compared to the wrath of the known.
“One last glance”, she convinced herself, but it was not to be, for looking back, was a luxury she could no longer afford.

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