Five things I wish I could tell my grandfather…

8 thoughts on “Five things I wish I could tell my grandfather…”

  1. This is very moving. I am so sorry about the death of your grandfather. Your post brought to mind my own grandfather. As a child we would walk together in the woods and I have very happy memories of collecting acorns and conkers with him. I remember once planting an acorn in his garden and being convinced that the plant which began to sprout was an oak tree. Sadly it was a weed which just so happened to grow in the spot where I had placed the acorn. I am blind (I am writing this with JAWS software which converts text into speech and braille enabling me to use a Windows computer) and, as a child my grandfather would spend hours reading print books to me. This was in the days prior to me having learned to read braille or use a computer or other access technology. Kevin

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      1. Memories are certainly very precious. Unfortunately I no longer own the glass fronted bookcase in which the many books my grandfather bought for me used to live and I don’t have the books either. I do, however have happy memories of visiting W. H. Smiths with my grandfather. Practically every weekend he would buy a book and whenever I walk past a branch of Smiths the memories come flooding back. Although I can not read print I do have a small amount of vision, enough to see outlines of objects. So, for example I would see the shape of a person but I wouldn’t know whether it was a friend or a complete stranger. I can see some bright colours and I spent many happy hours watching the tropical fish in the aquarium my grandfather made for me. I have written a little about my grandfather on my Amazon author page, ( Keep writing. I enjoy your blog.


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