Impact and change

I know how they say “don’t go back to what broke you” and this is a huge deal to me so, “we spoke” and I’m just really glad that we did. I’ve had a perpetual smile every since we spoke last night and his voice sounded so sexy through the phone like OhMyGod. I’ve recently been obsessed with Adele for some deranged reason which is pretty cool since she’s the epitome of awesomeness!
In about three hours of conversation, I regained my happiness, I found myself and my confidence got a massive boost. I also told him about this guy in my class and all his crap, and he reacted exactly like I expected him to *ahem* All my fears have not vanished but they just seem easier to deal with when he’s around. Also, I read this thing I wrote for him out to him, mostly because he loves when I read to him heheh! I feel motivated to write all of a sudden. Such effects one person has on me, it’s almost scary.
My parents have gone to Gangtok, which is the capital of Sikkim in east India. I hear it’s a beautiful place, but then before they left, my mom told me about this quote, it says “your perspective on life comes from the cage you were held captive in”, and I’ve been thinking about it since. How we think in one manner and when someone disagrees, it almost seems absurd but then it makes complete sense to them because it’s the way they’ve grown up.
Just something to think about.
Until later

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