Beautifully mind-boggled…

And you have me curled up in a ball, bushing all over again, my friends look at me in awe wondering what caused these laughs and giggles and I smile and sing the lyrics of my favorite song. I go back to those butterflies I get when you say the most random things to me and I become so stupid and immature when it comes to you. In just two days, I’ve been happier than ever and these feelings are simply unexplainable. My vivid thoughts of you keep me awake all night as I imagine your voice booming in my ears. Just how much you’ve fixed everything. Life seems perfect as of now, everything and everyone are exactly where they should be and my happiness is just growing day by day. I know they say that don’t put the key to your happiness in someone else’s hands, but I’m not here to listen to that. I’m here to risk it. And who better to risk it with, than you?

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