Aura of freedom…

And as the smoke I inhaled, continued to rot my insides; the speed limit of my Porsche seemed to show no bounds of flexibility. The booming music made my head delirious while the wind gave my hair some much needed freedom from constant tying and uniformity. Boundless and infinite, the aura of freedom was just starting to take over. You still lay in my head somewhere as a fresh wound, that I was trying so hard not to pick at. In the middle of my earnest efforts, I found myself revisiting invisible lacerations of you. “Where am I going?” I asked myself repeatedly like the way I asked you why you were doing this to me. Far up in the mountains, I saw a glimmer of peace and isolation, the city lights were calling out my name, but grew fader once they knew I wasn’t moving in their direction anymore. The flat and never ending road that lay ahead of me, gave me chills, reminding me of my unknown future. It struck me like a lightening bolt when I realized I was running from something that had already caught up with me, but I must go on. I must not return until you’re fully forgotten.

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