Room number 201…

As she cleared her throat, Scarlet opened a crinkled sheet of paper and began, “I’ll try to keep this short”, a faded smile appeared on her face as she continued, “Room number 201, patient 364. That is what was her identity to the hospital staff. That’s all they knew about her and that was all she was to them. They didn’t know about her breakdowns or about how much she meant to so many people, they didn’t know the way she said ,”but I didn’t do it” so adorably, that would make your heart melt, and neither did they know the effort she would put in, just to make people around her smile. She was simply patient 364.
But to me, she was my best friend, my soul mate, my designated driver, my drinking buddy, my stylist, my therapist, my mom, my dad, my brother and my lifeline. And to see my lifeline, struggling to keep that heartbeat alive with that beautiful smile of hers, inspired me beyond words.
Don’t grieve or pretend to be upset because I know the story behind each and every one of your masked faces. She may have been naive but she wasn’t stupid.” Scarlet’s face had a stern look towards the crowd, which was now breaking into a sweat.
“She once told me that; I had to be strong for her, that I had to keep my head up and enjoy my life, that I must not let them act like they cared a fuck when she was here, because she knew none of you did. And I promised her, right beside her hospital bed, surrounded by the white walls and stale air of room number 201.
I don’t have much to say to all of you, I know this is just a formality of most of you. But I do promise you, that she was loved, she will be missed and that though I don’t know how I’ll survive without her, her memories will burn inside me forever and that I will live up to every promise I made to her, even if none of you did.”
She walked over to the casket, where her best friend now peacefully lay and whispered,” I promise”, and as a tear ran down her cheek, she gave her alter ego; a kiss goodbye.
That’s when she got up and wiped away her tears. With all grace and might, she walked out of that funeral. Never to return.

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