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Geography question paper

And just as I was staring out the window from my examination hall, I couldn’t help but notice how much the apartments beside my school reminded me of my aunt’s house back in Asiad Village. I have plenty of happy memories of that place, eating ice cream with my uncle, playing in the garden with the dogs and reading my cousin’s old comic books. I realized that we can see little parts of our memories, everywhere we look.  To remind us of good old times, and sometimes the memories we’d like to shut out forever.
I wonder if this is how I’ll see pieces of you in the most unexpected places? Maybe when I talk to people about that book we’d discuss all day, or maybe in the was that, that new guy makes me smile with his cheesy pick up lines that I was so acquainted to hearing from you. Maybe even when those weird couples make out at out hangout spot. But for now, I’m thinking about how my face looks so similar to the look you get while writing an exam (I might have stolen a few glances here and there *ahem*) Confused. Yet here I am scribbling random stuff about you on my question paper. What about next term? When I’ll be promoted to the very class where you sat when I first met you? Will you consume me even then?
It isn’t fair you know? But hey! At least I’m not writing this with that sad, pitiful face of misery. In fact I’m writing this with an expression that’s even worse, that stupid, idiotic, sly grin that made it so obvious that I was blushing. I don’t mind this girl one bit. To my surprise, I kinda like her. She’s stronger than before, and she isn’t running scared anymore. She knows she doesn’t need people like you in her life and she’s accepted her feelings.
Maybe that’s how it works you know? Once you’ve accepted your flaws and quirks, no body can any longer use them against you.

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  1. Delusia says:

    “I don’t mind this girl one bit. To my surprise, I kinda like her. She’s stronger than before, and she isn’t running scared anymore.” ~ oh, isn’t it wonderful when we find ourselves again?

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    1. Oh it is! Feels wonderful.


  2. This is wonderful and genuine. Thanks for sharing and congrats for your interesting blog. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Always a pleasure :’) Thank you so much.


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