So I uninsalled the apps,
in hope to see who really cared.
Too much time being spent helping others,
Forgot to take one glace at my withered self.
A lot can happen over fifteen days,

I wonder what I’ll learn,
I wonder what I’ll realize.
The virtual world has killed my reality,
from screen to screen,
the difference becomes more and more opaque.
The true mission behind this,
still isn’t clear.
Perhaps a little more peace, is all I seek.

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  1. Is this a real life experiment?? I’m actually really interested to see how this goes. I’ve been accused too many times of treating my phone as an extension of my hand, but truthfully I think it’s so freeing to not have access to the rest of the world at my finger tips (and vice versa).

    Keep me posted if it’s real. And if it’s not… good job on making me think a little more deeply than I had planned today. 🙂

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    1. Hahah it most certainly is a real experiment. I use my phone way too much and honestly, it’s sometimes the reason behind my sadness. The first day has been quite unsettling to be honest, I’m so used to checking my phone first thing in the morning and waking up to messages and updates, that to took me aback to see none today. I found myself constantly going over my phone checking for updates and texts. But I do feel quite free, I feel a little less burdened already.

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      1. Keep us posted. I might need to do a tech detox soon. It’s just not healthy to be that available, ya know?

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      2. I know, trust me if there is anyone that understands that this well, it’s me.

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  2. sadisttomato says:

    You have an amazing blog 🙂 😀

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