My take on homosexuality.

I was watching a debate on times now last night, over the fact that India had joined the homophobic nations in the UN and might I just say, that , that has got to be one of the stupidest and most barbaric decision that has been made, right after that of believing we’re getting free WiFi all over Delhi. Now what was the defence for accusations? “I’m a Muslim so I support this decision.” Well, I’m sorry if you didn’t realize but India as a whole is a secular nation and we do not follow the Koran or the Sharia law. “Homosexuality used to be on the list of mental illnesses” Yes. That’s true. But it was also scrapped off. Now I may not have a say in these debates, but this is something that hurts the sentiments of millions not just in India but in other counties as well. Homosexuality is not a sin! When will we see that? If the learned leaders of our country don’t realize this then how on earth are we supposed to curb all other issues? We are refusing to even accept each other as human beings.

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  1. A great post. In the 19th century Oscar Wilde was jailed for being a homosexual. While in Reading Jail he wrote a very moving poem, The Balad Of Reading Jail which, if you haven’t read it I would recommend reading. Kevin

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    1. Thank you. I’ll make sure I do.

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