Catching flights…


Hey there everyone!
I’m in my flight and we are about to take off in about fifteen minutes, and well, I got free WiFi so I figured I should make the most of it. I haven’t travelled by air in about a year so I am so desperate to be between the clouds already! I genuinely needed this break. To be honest, until last night I was very unsure about leaving but now that I’m here, I’ve got a good feeling about this.
I’m carrying my diary, because what’s better than to let your thoughts wander while looking down from on top of the world.
While I was waiting for boarding to begin, I looked over at the people waiting beside me and then I had the strangest realization. Every single one of them was traveling to Bangalore for a reason that varies from mine, they all have different stories, that woman with the dark circles might have been tensed over her boyfriend or that old man may be going to visit his daughter after a decade. It’s so fascinating. We’ve all got worlds so different and unique, a separate set of friends, different habits, different talents, different knowledge of similar things and yet we all coexist and our stories happen to collied somewhere, be it this flight or a common friend.
I’ve not even left yet and already feel slightly more wise.
Until later.

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