Day one in Bangalore!

So yesterday was a really really long day! I went to taco bell and had some burritos, went to write near the swimming pool and to be honest I genuinely loved it. I went out to watch Cinderella with some people which was so much fun! It’s such an adorable movie although the guys that came with me did not like it one bit, well, I don’t expect any different from them anyway.
I’ve decided not to text him first anymore. The least he could do is reply after all that happened. I’m on vacation and the last thing I wanna have to do is be upset over people. I don’t wanna get carried away again. I’m really hoping everything is okay but then I can’t do this. I can’t wait around for messages and die to talk to him, especially not if he can’t reciprocate. Let’s just see where this goes, I miss us.
On the other hand, I somehow don’t miss Delhi much, I’m really happy and chilled out. Considering my mobile usage has come down as well, things are working out.
I’m going shopping today to this really awesome mall here! So yayy!
Until later

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  1. Eva says:

    I’m most glad you’re having fun.
    You needed this break.

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