Something you’ll never know

I guess you’ll never find out that it was me talking to you on her behalf, and that I was the one that fixed things between the two of you just because it killed me to see you that upset. You asked her if she’d ever felt so alone and felt like there was nobody, if she had ever opened old chats and cried herself to sleep, if she ever died a little when someone blocked her, if she’s ever been so crazily in love with someone she couldn’t be with, if their rejection made her cry herself to sleep every night.
Well, she didn’t. But I did, for five months. She didn’t. But I did. After everything that happened, she wasn’t there, I was. After all the fights and arguments, when you felt the slightest of pain, I was there, she wasn’t.
But I guess you’ll never know that. I guess you’ll never know that I’ve been in your shoes for the past five months and you couldn’t see it, you couldn’t hear it in my words or in my silence, you couldn’t feel it in the way I helped her work things out for the two of you last night because let’s face it, she doesn’t use full stops and nor proper grammar. How could you be so oblivious?
I don’t blame you, how could I? After all I tried to make sure you never found out. She thanked me for what I did and helped her in. She asked me if I liked you hahah “well, no girl! I know everything about him for fun!”
If nothing else, I’m glad you’re getting better, I’m glad that it’s not as bad as it was. You know I’m always going to be there for you, whether or not it hurts me. So take a step back and cherish life, if you read this, please don’t go and blame her, she didn’t know who else to approach.
I know how it feels.

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