Oath to Secrecy?

I have always been so open about my terms with my ex-something, everybody who is close to me has always known exactly what I am up to and what I said to whom, it’s like I don’t have secrets anymore, which is very disturbing because I’m the sort of person who hates being all figured out.
Now that I’ve completely excluded every single one of my friends from what I talk about or do with him, I find it so much easier. I feel more at peace with myself. It’s like I finally have this side of me that they don’t need to know about. That nobody needs to know about. He’s a side of me that I want only him to be acquainted with.
I feel comfortable in my own skin, I’m not worried about what might happen next. I’m not devastated or depressed. I’m happy and in love with myself.
Until later 😉

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  1. theonlysup says:

    i’m also in the same state and i complete enjoy the bliss of solitude 🙂

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    1. I know. I feel so relaxed and so happy about not having to let people know what’s going on.

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      1. theonlysup says:

        I’m just playing in the present moment, open to all possibilities and potentials. My heart feels so happy here
        i earlier had lost connection with myself amidst the chaos . so many people had intervened .
        it has taken me a little more time to detach myself from many of the people around me .

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      2. I’m sure it does. I’m on that road myself. It’s not just the need to be quiet about it, its the mere want as well.

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      3. theonlysup says:

        for me it was – to follow the longings of my heart

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      4. It’s great to see there’s still people who have the courage to follow their heart. It’s not commonly seen where I come from.

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      5. theonlysup says:

        U have to be a little rebellious when u have to follow your heart .

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