A letter to all my lovely ladies,

Ohmygod! I am so lazy *heheh*
I know, I know I’m on vacation and I should be getting out and having fun, but I’ve already done so much of that and I feel so tired *groans*
But but but…I have been feeling absolutely, positively, undoubtedly great about things. I mean, I’m happy. Although I really could use a shower *inapropriate alert*

Something I found in my insta newsfeed.

So here’s a letter to all my lovely ladies who are dealing with heartbreak or depression or all those shenanigans,
Hey there! Who’s that ass that broke your heart? Who told you you aren’t good enough? Do you feel pathetic for going back?  Honey, life is about taking risks, for that one minute of glory, for screaming out in the streets, for breaking all rules and watching the sun set with someone you love. Denying yourself all that because you’re scared of getting your heart broken? Well, that’s just stupid and absurd.
Straight policy, shit happens but love, you gotta get up, wear fancy clothes, put on that mascara and rock those heels because life is too short to wait for opportunities to do what you want.
Cry. Cry till you can’t anymore. Cry yourself to sleep, Cry during movies, cry while eating food, let it out, but make sure that once you’re done, you never cry for the same reason again. Don’t make your friend’s lives miserable by putting all your burden on them and pasting a frown on your face all the time. And I promise baby, you’ll be okay. You were someone before any of them had opinions and you should remain that person even after.
I love you all so much, please don’t forget to treat yourself well and take care of yourself. And no that doesn’t mean I want you to eat well and exercise daily (you could though, I’m not stopping you) but what I mean is, wake up, everyday and find that one reason to love yourself. Do what you love. Be someone you love not someone that’s loved by others but loathes herself.

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  1. Wahay! Big up the ladies. Good advice lovely 🙂 gunna skip the heels part. They hurt my feet. I’ll go for some stomping boots instead.

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    1. Hahah I know that feeling all too well, heels just somehow make me feel like a diva. Thank you so much


  2. lilypup says:

    Good advice…loving yourself is pretty important. http://lilypupslife.wordpress.com/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It most certainly is. Thank you 🙂


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