Five ways in which Model United nations conferences have changed me…

(1) I look at the logical and feasible side of everything.
Ridiculous plans about anything and everything are now a strict no-no. Unless it’s logical, feasible and logistically possible it’s not even being considered.
(2) I’ve learnt to defend and argue.
If there’s one thing that you must know while going for a conference, it is to know how to defend your country no matter how wrong or how absurd. Whatever the situation may be, “my country is right, we don’t give two shits about what you think”. This has really helped me because in the midst of an argument about anything, I know how to defend myself, however and whenever.
(3) I am more updated about what’s happening around the world.
No kidding, if you asked me four months ago as to what’s happening in north Korea I’d be the most clueless person ever and probably tell you that they have supersonic cars for all citizens.
(4) I realized how much of a stupid naive kid I was.
Stepping into the committee room for the very first time made me realize how much of a douche I was. There they were, the people who knew what they were talking about and loud and clear and don’t stand bullshit and there I was in the corner trying to figure out what was happening. It made me realize how much more there was to everything rather than my stupid little problems. And for the first time I saw what I wanted to be like, it gave me direction.
(5) Last but not the least, every single time I go in for an MUN, whether I win or not, I always without fail, come out as a different person. A smarter, more sophisticated, more logical person, and I believe that over time, model united nations conferences have really made me a better and more capable person.

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