I’m sorry, I give up.

19 thoughts on “I’m sorry, I give up.”

  1. U should be for sorry being unique or different. Nobody is same. May be some commonality brings them closer but they are different. I like the fact that u r little rebellious.. As much as I know from ur writings so far. I understand the way were feeling when u wrote this .. But then u r only giving people chance to hurt u by telling yes I’m gullible. Never say that.. These are few things came to my mind . apologies if anything hurt u

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      1. Haaa that’s what I was trying to convey. U don’t have to think like them behave like them interact like them because u have ur own principles, values, choices and it may not match with society norms .. But do not be sorry ..

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      2. I’m in India too. I can feel the emotions when u say this. But then whom Ru living for ?? If u try to fit in into society norms always . will u regret that u couldn’t sing song of ur life ?? I don’t want u to regret that way .. Society is anyway gonna judge

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  2. I’d say, you should be great you don’t fit in with those fatheads whom we call a society. I don’t, and I am glad. Makes me only want to take risks more, and live more. By my rules. as ‘Theonlysup’ said, they’ll keep judging. But we can do our part as a rebel, create movement. Live and change.

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  3. Hell yeah you shouldn’t be sorry for being different! Screw society. As far as you are concerned, your society should be limited to your parents and family. You should only make decisions and choices which go down well with you and no one else. Only you have to live your life…
    And don’t worry, this phase will go away soon. 🙂

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      1. You know what they say? ‘Sometimes, before it gets better, it becomes bigger. The person you’d take the bullet for, is behind the trigger.’ I am sorry for quoting the whole thing but it just feels incomplete if I just said the first sentence. So yes, it will creep up inside you, and there’s nothing you can do about it; So let it do what it has to. ‘the best way to get away from your fear is to face it.’

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