Due for a day too many.

So I mustered all my courage and pulled out the bottle of perfume I hadn’t touched since the day we last met. *Deep breathe* It’s time. It was untouched, the dark red color of the bottle shone as bright as before, unlike my face that was scared and nervous of all these memories I was about to unleash.
A spray here, a dab there, it seemed as though time had stopped. Intoxicated by the smell of my favorite perfume, I stood still and numb, recollecting the anxiety I faced the last time I wore it.
It’s strange, is it not? How one perfume, one song,and one glimpse, can bring back so much more that we let the mind wander to.

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  1. theonlysup says:

    i think we are sometimes emotional about the things which we have received from our near and dear ones , just because it reminds us about them, about the memories …

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  2. Eva says:

    Bae, I’m telling you there’s something very wrong with that perfume.
    You wore it when I fell for him too XD
    Too many memories indeed.

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    1. Touchè it’s best that it remains sealed.

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      1. Eva says:

        It smells like nostalgia. Though, it does smell gorgeous.

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